What does it mean to replace a roof?

Construction of asphalt shingles on a roof of woodWhen your roof is shot, you’ll know it. You might have a leak when it rains – and it might be in a closet or laundry room, and seemingly – you’re safe. But it’s not as easy as that. You can have a leak coming from somewhere MAJOR and only see evidence of it in a light traffic area. Don’t delay getting an estimate for a roof replacement or repair.

A roof replacement is needed when the roof is shot. It has to have failed in a number of places for us to say: You need to replace this roof entirely. What causes this sort of degradation? It could be repetitive severe weather over time, age of the roof, poor workmanship at the original installation, or sub par materials. It’s hind-sight at this point, but you really ought to have yearly roof inspections to be sure your roof lasts as long as possible.

But for now, you’ve got a roof that needs replacing. What happens next? Let us come take a look! We’ll get up there and do a free diagnostic inspection. And then if it’s as you feared, we will produce an estimate that will be both thorough and fair.

First we’ll weigh your options on a re-roof. Maybe we can simply cover OVER your existing roof – putting new shingles on top of the old shingles to save the cost of pulling out everything in what’s known as a ‘complete tear off.’ But you can’t do that covering too often; really once is the most that building codes will allow. So sometimes a complete or partial tear off is the only remedy worth pursuing. We’ll be on your side, though, recommending what is the very best option for your situation.

Detail of a roofer welding the gutter on a new roof

Then we’ll show you the various materials on the market now – big advances have been made since you last had a roof put on from scratch. Those technical advances will ensure that your re-roof endures and keeps your home dry, well insulated and even properly ventilated. A lot goes into a roof, so you enjoy comfort underneath it!

Our highly trained installers will get the job done right. And Leo, our owner, will be up there with them, rain or shines, ensuring his high precision standards are met. Each and every time.

How do you buy a new roof and get your money’s worth?

There’s no question about it – re-roofing your house is a major investment. And everyone needs a roof over their heads! So what should you look for in making such an important roof replacement decision?

  • Meet the owner, in person. Get a sense of your rapport and a feel for his integrity. How long has she or he been in the contracting business? Is there an address on file that is a bone fide business location? Be sure he or she didn’t come find you – there’s enough roofing jobs out there that no one needs to go on drive by’s to get work!
  • Is the company licensed and insured? Is it a member of the local Better Business Bureau?
  • Do you want a certain look – a special aesthetic? Maybe slate or metal has a certain appeal? Typically roofers deal in asphalt shingles, but maybe you have a hacienda-type home that just begs for tile on top!
  • Study the roof shingle types available. Which types of shingles will withstand our bitter winters and harsh winds in Colorado? Which will stand up to the sort of hail we get here? Does your preferred roofing contractor offer shades of color that blend nicely with your brick or cedar exterior? What shapes and sizes are available?
  • Does the roofer have time in his schedule such that you are going to be the least inconvenienced in the most reasonable time frame possible?
  • There is going to be a commotion when the job gets going. How does your vendor ensure it’s kept to a minimum? What will he or she do to minimize the dust, noise, and debris?
  • Will he or she pull the permits that are necessary to authorize the work to be done in accordance with your town/city laws?
  • Look at the testimonials the roofing company has – even call past customers to verify their complete satisfaction and learn what little things might have gone wrong that you can anticipate and even prevent.
  • What type of warranty comes with the materials your roof replacement contractor suggests?


Once you know you need your roof replaced, you want to get it done quickly. After all, you are subject to the elements and ours in Colorado are pretty temperamental! Not only that, every day that goes by adds to the mold and mildew that’s being let in via a failing roof, so you’ll want to rectify that vulnerability in good speed.

The simple answer to the question about how long it takes to replace a roof is that it depends – on the weather, on the contractor’s schedule and on the availability of the roofing materials that you specified. But all things being equal, a roofing replacement contractor who is experienced should be able to complete the work within a couple of days to at most a couple of weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the job.

Let us take a look up there!

Want to get a reliable roof replacement expert to diagnose the health of your roof? We can be your ‘eyes’ up there on top of your house, and bring down photographs that tell the story to you. Expect fairness and honest advice – we’ll tell you what we’d do if we were in your shoes, knowing what we know about roof health. Call us at 303-455-4777 and ask to speak to Leo. He has a way of instilling confidence in customers!