Can you fix my roof and save me a lot of money?

Close-up of a roofer making cuts on a metal sheet using cutting pliers

OK, let’s talk roof repair. Yes, there may be times when only a section of a roof needs to be replaced or covered with a second layer of shingles. Or you may do an inspection and see you’ve got a few missing shingles and a couple that are badly worn. Those repairs don’t add up to much and they’re well worth doing. Put it in the all important category of ‘home maintenance.’ Take care of your roof today and it will last a long time.

We can check for rot in a section of the roof, and just tear that small area out and start fresh there. A flicker may have bored a hole into a section of a long sweeping roof that needs to be plugged and shingled anew. Maybe we need to repair the flashing along the perimeter of a skylight. Sometimes repairing a flashing is all that is needed to get your roof back up to water-tightness. Isn’t it a relief to know that our inspections can uncover things that won’t cost a lot to put right?

Sometimes ignorance is NOT bliss. Certainly that’s true in the case of roofs. You can do some preventative work now to save doing a tear off later. Imagine how pleased you’ll be when you staved off a major repair.

We can be in and out in a day or even an afternoon, seeing what your presenting problems are and then putting them right. Don’t hesitate to make your roof as good as it can be. Call us at # and schedule an appointment that will restore your confidence in the weather-proofing integrity of your home.