Why should you hire a professional to repair your gutters?

Rain gutters don’t get persistent use here in Northern Colorado, but boy when it rains here, it pours! We get torrents of water at times and that can play havoc with a your home’s foundation. Think about the volume of water that comes streaming over your roof and onto the ground, in buckets, and you will realize that gutters play a vital role in drainage on your property.

Make sure your home has gutters that are up to the job. Look up! You don’t give gutters a second thought, do you? There they are, hanging below the roof’s eaves. But are they bent, dented, or corroding? Are there leaves in there, clogging up the drainage holes and the downspouts? Yikes. You need to fix those.

Don’t worry, gutters don’t cost a lot to keep in good working order – or even to replace. They are worth inspecting, so you do right by your home. This way, water will run smoothly from the sky to your yard, without taking a detour into your basement or foundation! If you notice a waterfall effect over your garage or at your front door, time to get those gutters repaired or replaced.

We’ll come and do an inspection of your home’s exterior and where the gutters hang, what material they are made of, how they connect to the downspouts, test for leaks, and to ensure the water gets pushed at least 10 feet away from the house when it rains.

If it looks like your gutters have seen much better days (and nights!) we may suggest replacing them. It might be a perfect time to do that when you are having your roof replaced. Regardless, we’ll come up with a reasonable estimate for your gutter replacement that will likely meet your house maintenance budget.

In the meantime, know that we also do gutter clean outs. The best time to clean your gutters is in the Spring and again in the Fall. This preventative maintenance is best done by a professional. Why? You might be afraid of heights and being on a ladder is a tricky safety issue. Not only that, there are high pitched roofs with gutters that only a roofer can get to. Your muscle fatigue can build up when you have several gutters to clean out. And you may just re-adhere a downspout incorrectly or further damage the unit without knowing it.

Leave the gutter clean outs and repair and replacements to us. We can be on top of this seasonal house maintenance at an affordable price, and give you peace of mind in the bargain. Imagine that!

To be sure water run off actually runs OFF, work with us. . . before we get another unbelievable bout of precipitation.