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Give us a call with questions. We are here to help and look forward to working with you.

Roofing carrying tiles on rooftop

Hey, Front Range of Colorado

That’s Some Roof You’ve Got Hanging Over Your Head!

Get it right and tight for the weather we are faced with here.

For your comfort and protection, whether you are in Denver, Colorado Springs, Loveland or Fort Collins –, you have to meet with Leo, the roof whisperer!

Everyone who meets Leo quickly realizes he’s the real deal. He won’t steer you wrong. In fact, he’ll go out of his way to make sure you’re getting the best roofing solution possible. In a world of drive-by roofing estimates and shoddy workmanship, Leo is the breath of fresh air you AND your house need!

He’s earnest as the day is long – and he cares about his customers, the old fashioned way. Leo has been doing custom residential construction in the I25 corridor for decades. His installations have absolutely knocked the socks off his customers. Here’s a representative testimonial – using the client’s first and last name and providing you with a phone number to verify that the praise was merited!

Now just imagine what Leo and the folks at Performance Roofing can do for your roof – the most mission critical part of a home! There can’t be anyone more finicky - while also being amazingly fair. A whole crew supports Leo in his roofing passion.

He’s up there with the best of them – getting your roof to see better days and face ever-windier conditions. Whether it’s a roof repair, a gutter rehang or a full roof take off and replacement, Leo and the people at Performance Roofing are more than ‘up’ for the job!

Not sure what you need? Contact Leo!

Call and speak to Leo directly – he’ll have your best interests in mind and answer your questions frankly

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